About us

We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

Our aim is to provide an environment that is inclusive and enriched and that offers a high standard of education in a stimulating and happy place.

We all need support through the most important period of our children: the early years

Hedge End Village Hall Preschool has a strong partnership between home and preschool, liaising closely with parents, other professionals and linking with our community.

We are a charity preschool, so all profits made go straight back into the setting to improve facilities and enrich the environment for the benefit of our children, their education, and future steps.

Head of School

Hello, I’m Louisa and I am the Preschool Manager.

I have been working in child care for 25 years and have been with Hedge End Village Hall Preschool since September 2007.

Louisa Lilly

I love seeing the children grow, creating memories and having fun in our setting..

Louisa Lilley

Preschool Manager


Every child is valued making them feel safe and confident in their growth.


Caring and cooperative preschool environment working close with parents.


Creative, social, emotional and physical support given to all our preschoolers.


Strong partnership with home and preschool life, liaising with parents and professionals.

We want to inspire the next group of children with confidence and smiles.
We are here to help parents with the development of their children during the most important years.
Meet the Team

Experts in giving your children the best start

Louisa Lilly
Louisa Lilley

Preschool Manager & Safeguarding Management Lead

Hello, I’m Louisa and I am the Preschool Manager. I have been working in child care for 25 years and have been with Hedge End Village Hall Preschool since September 2007. I love seeing the children grow and creating memories.

Andrea Lewis

Preschool deputy manager & sen leader

Hello, i’m Andrea. I am the Preschool Deputy Manager, Keyworker in Caterpilliars, hold Level 3 in Child care, Behaviour Management champion and the SEN leader.

I have worked in Child Care for 14 years

Clare Torbet

Preschool assistent & SENCO Support in butterflies

Hello, I’m Clare, I have been at preschool since Feburary 2022. Before this i have worked in various preschools and nurseries. I have my level 3 in child care and level 5 in management. I’m a keyworker in Butterflies and the SENCO

Becca Nicol

Preschool assistant & Butterflies

Hello, I’m Becca and am new to the Preschool team. I have 9 years of experience in a preschool setting, and hold a level 3 in childcare. 
I am a keyworker in Butterflies, and really enjoy coming into work knowing that no day will ever be the same due to the children’s creative imaginations!
Ellen Ralls

Preschool assistant

Hello, I’m Ellen. I have worked in childcare for over 10 years and hold a level 3 in Child Care. Within Preschool i’m a keyworker for the Catapilliar’s and the Mental well-being coordinator for the children.

Michaela Burrows

Preschool assistant & EAL Leader

Hello, I’m Michaela, I have over 9 years childcare experience. Within preschool i am the Home Learning Champion and EAL leader . I can speak my native Czech, as well as English, Slovakian, Polish and Russian!

Cathy Vickers

Preschool administrator

Hello, I’m Cathy. I’m  new to the Preschool team! I  previously worked as a nanny and enjoys listening to the children chatting and having fun whilst working in the office.

Kim Woodgate

Assistant & Butterflies

Hi, I’m Kim and I am currently an apprentice working towards my childcare qualification. Within preschool I work with the butterflies team.

Outside of preschool I enjoy going for walks with my three children and seeing friends.

What parentS say
My son attended Hedge End Village Hall Preschool for 18mths from when he turned 3, he absolutely loved his time there and was always full of chat about what he had done.
Cathy - Mum

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