Hedge End Healthy Heroes

Our staff recently completed the Hampshire Health Heroes course, which aims to help us share creative and interactive activities with our children, to help them understand Oral Health, Physical Health and Wellbeing:

Oral Health

  • A short story about visiting the Dentist.
  • Activities will include giant size teeth and tooth brushing enabling the children to have a go at brushing the teeth with shaving foam and/or using laminated work-sheets to promote looking after their teeth.
  • What foods can harm children’s teeth, how to cut down on Sugar (Healthy and Unhealthy Food Plates).
  • Understanding how to look after our teeth.

Physical Health

  • Activities will include talking about how we stay active.
  • Obstacle races / Moving to Music.
  • 5 Minute Moves: Running on the spot, star-jumps, frog-jumps, bunny hops & kicks.
  • Lying down and being completely still for a minute.


  • Looking at and naming emotions.
  • Recognizing and managing different feelings, using sensory bottles.
  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem.
  • Use our hand as a tool to breathe slowly.

Why not ask your child about what activities we've been doing in preschool to help support this!

You can see more information on the Hampshire Healthy Families website, which has some links to other resources that you may find helpful.